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liyese 28-5-2008 21:05


this few day i wanna train my formation.. y everynite always bug skill.. i try restart pc n change all setting oso cant ler.. pls tell me y..

Ayensama 29-5-2008 13:44

me also got bugged yesterday night. when i try to do Tuna skill my id do wulong skill, when i do JJ my id do yeami skill. kind of funny though

MenrVa 29-5-2008 13:50

me also..when i press n press..n pressing my skill..nothing came out.. but the mobs continue hit me..so i had to run fast to safe place..log out then log in again..then ok..

ShinShin 29-5-2008 14:14

I've been asking around.. what liy facing the formation bug quite similar when the player always play duel. This happen when server sudden lag happen the skill cast has no attack effect. Only solution, restart the program.

AugustLuck 29-5-2008 17:39

juz logout thn login again...if not u gotta restart the com i guess..

ronshinoda 29-5-2008 18:41

this happens to me loads of times when i pk ppl using NuPi..
n sometimes lvling use jj aso bug :L
i guess GM/System has to find a solution to this..

liyese 29-5-2008 18:44

hope gm faster fix da prob.. cos kinda rip over it.. restart many times.. can cast few times then happen again

Fukmiloveu 30-5-2008 00:21

haha bug until my Xuan Feng can stun 2~5 mobs @.@ kinda siao siao lor

rightfist 30-5-2008 00:53

I got a bug on my Chi Yue skill (AOE skill for dart) before, becomes AOE Shu Yan. All mobs in Chi Yue skill's range get frozen and poisoned.

eyezackx 30-5-2008 03:52

you all got bug..but i got karma :'(...suddenly after i died because of dc..i login back and got 4 karma :@:@

gohinnchia 30-5-2008 03:53

if u use my way to train formation
100% got bug d

cuz it will make the program lag lolx
i also always kena 1 ^

ShinShin 30-5-2008 07:46

Not only the program lag... the map also lag.... ;P

mokwliang 30-5-2008 08:53


and 1 thing when pk both pk use yin ann 1 off them must lag de or lag skill

gohinnchia 30-5-2008 13:57

yin an i dont think so willl lag
may be is ur com graphic no good


pigchan 30-5-2008 14:05

Streamyx make Lag la

skakiller 30-5-2008 14:25

Cb xbothugx

oi xbothugx noob cb u kill ppl lor....

skakiller 30-5-2008 14:28

why ppl PU up low???

why ppl PU for me up low???

pigchan 30-5-2008 14:50

PU is depend on the luck one, system random give. not MAX pu lv can get good result. sometime can get cacat result.

vBeNv 29-6-2008 15:17

my hama always bug ler.. :L

johnchuah 29-6-2008 15:21

me also bug.... sian... because...have event so too many ppl up lvlung then also ahev many hacker.... then they give ur all bug ok...
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Full Version: BUG SKILL