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LegendOfLight 2-4-2010 15:54


Me as a LOL-LegendOfLight from AOL lvl60.....:)
Me have play this in 2years...:victory:[and]me have many freind when start play 1st time...
But me not see any correction from GM when DEAR player of SHAIYA do report..:L :@
Many my freind before EVERYTIME on9[and]now got QUIT GAME[and]play oTHER SIDE--UOF....:( :( ...then now me is a OLD player of shaiya want say...AOL[and]UOF fight not about bug or hack[and]not when warr lose then use CHAT ALL to angry2....THIS ALL ABOUT GM.....:Q :Q me sure this SERVER will CLOSE if GM NOT do anything of SHAIYA....then 1 more question WHY this SHAIYA.MY dun have [GS]...

OoziepoO 3-4-2010 12:32

Reply 1# LegendOfLight’s post

huhuh LOL......long time no see:lol :lol .....how r you ?:)

_Sven_ 3-4-2010 13:03

Light lai pvp 15

ds dh jarang main pvp 60...lai pvp 15 light......cute healer.. ^^  ^

Drunken 3-4-2010 18:25

Reply 3# _Sven_’s post

pvp15? na *Filtered Word* yg ko ade lv60 tu buat ape? ful time kat pvp15 tunjuk hero r. ko mmg noob. tiap kali on lv60 mati je. klu regina masi cd ko terus off @ tapuk kat kandang ANJING tu. itu2 je skill ko xde lain. poyo bodo pengecut + no BALLS. jgn cuba ckp org lain sedangkan ko tu pon x pernah muncul sbb takut. pon jgn ckp lv60 xde org. kadang2 ade war kat pvp60 pon ko x datng. sial p mampos ko ANJING. kalau anjing jom reply post aq ni @ reply post yg lain d lain topic.

Mr.TiaoKawKaw 3-4-2010 18:43

wa drunken scold SVEN dog???? :funk::funk:  in fact he is 1 of the DOG :lol:lol
yaloh got lv60 also go pvp15. not once awhile but full time. really noob n dunno wat his head fill wit. maybe dog brain. poor SvenWarDog. never realize tat beside ur attitude like dog ur brain also like dog. hv u ever look at a dog attitude? if u don know let me tell u can? (ops sori i forgot dog do not speak but bark) dog always like to bully a smaller then himself but wen him meet a bigger dog sure his tail will hide under his balls n walk slowly. by the way im looking at ur attitude its the same wit the dog. if u truely a dog go full time at pvp15. ;P;P

-FadingHero- 3-4-2010 19:09

wakaka lol Drunken so angry meh:lol

aiya rilek la hehe

mey la niz join kitaorg ckp nk join:loveliness:

noobtards 4-4-2010 11:35

wakakaka...sven NOOB la...
this morning he make a doggy run when angela[and]tetsuo chase him...then angela feel kasihan on him tell him to 1 by 1 with tetsuo but this DOG give excuse[and]refuse...
wakaka...if u scare just say la u scare...
at PvP 15 he barking like a pro can kill many uof easily...pui!
1-60 only got 2 ppl this dog so scare...wuakakak
bodoh pny manusia...lebih hina dr binatang

sealakel 4-4-2010 12:41

Reply 7# noobtards’s post

maybe he’s human ma..
so noob
n shame lar become a human
he’s juz a dog..
give him eat food he diam2 ler

Drunken 5-4-2010 16:55

Reply 6# -FadingHero-’s post

not me lo...that is laby..i never angry ma...just got aol angry lo...huhuhu till wan all uof player quit MY shaiya ma...

sealakel 6-4-2010 13:40

Reply 9# Drunken’s post

laby really mad lol
sure mad ma..
only know talk cock..
use regina to kill only..
wat a bunch of idiot
1v1 sure run lor..
shame lah for fighter..
play priest liao if wan run2 wakaka

_Sven_ 6-4-2010 14:43

Reply 4# Drunken’s post

aaaaa?.....drunken ah?.....ur face really like babi la......oh no.... not babi la....but tahi......coz ur mouth really noise after use bug[and]copy goddess set still wanna say cool word eh?.......really tahi la u...shiltt ......haizz.....

_Sven_ 6-4-2010 14:46

Reply 5# Mr.*Filtered Word*KawKaw’s post

Mr *Filtered Word* kaw...?...or should i call u Mr. *Filtered Word*k...wakakaka.....u type so long for what......u also bullshitt  la.....eh?...but who is u anyway ah?....sory i dint recognize u.....wakaka.....

_Sven_ 6-4-2010 14:49

Reply 7# noobtards’s post

waaaa...another babi muncul........me didnt recognize u la sory.....bye.....ops wait ....eat my shitt ....

_Sven_ 6-4-2010 14:52

Reply 8# sealakel’s post

waa...starting to scold me ah.......Haru is Noob malay.....ur race is not malay but lanjio race/animal...thats all......tthx for read my reply....bb animal

Kaiyo 6-4-2010 16:48

ai yoyo if u all want curse ppl no nid to curse they culture la, not nice ’ macus king~ 1 malaysia..:victory:

[[i] Last edited by Kaiyo at 6-4-2010 16:49 [/i]]

Mr.TiaoKawKaw 6-4-2010 17:00

Reply 12# _Sven_’s post

SvenWarDog i got somthing to tell u. GOTCHA!!!!!! :victory: :victory:  u r a dog ;P ;P  n u juz admit it. want proof? pls refer back drunken post there it’s writen like this " kalau anjing jom reply post aq ni @ reply post yg lain d lain topic " :lol :lol  sven is truely a DOG pure n original breed DOG. u ask me why am i writing so long? becoz im a human. complete human without any less. that y i can think a lot n write alot. not like u look like human form but ur head fill wit DOG BRAIN n ur HAND ops u don hv hand but DOG PAW.!!!!! tat y u can think n write alot like us. u know y u cant write alot? allow me to tell u
1st DOG PAW --> cant tab on the right letter on the keyboard tat y lazy
                                 to write alot coz afraid every1 know tat u don hv
                                 human hand but DOG PAW.
2nd DOG BRAIN --> lazy to think how to write a complete forum all u
                                     know juz a simple word wit a lot of " ............". but
                                     1 THING u sure will not lazy to think tat is BONE.
                                     dog always keep thinking of BONE when n where
                                     to hv it n who will give it. UR BRAIN only can think
                                     of tat nothing else.
SvenWarDOG is tat enuf for u how to describ ur personal outlook n inlook? i think enuf lah if not u will feel shame n feel like wan to go back to ur DOG CAGE.:’( :’(  be a nice DOGGY. don bark again in this forum if not u telling every1 tat u r really a DOG!!!!!!!!!!!! coz dog will fight back wen been treatend. wakakakka. replay back if u DOG HAMKAHLING. *Filtered Word* dog

Drunken 6-4-2010 22:36

Reply 11# _Sven_’s post

If you say me copy go report lo n00b @ss...me not babi...me just eat babi...not like you malay n00b...me play bug ma...call GM ban me lo n00b..*Filtered Word* u la...if you no money buy GOddness say only la..*Filtered Word* HAM KA CHAN

sealakel 6-4-2010 23:27

dog getting mad..
love it

Kaiyo 7-4-2010 14:17

Reply 16# Mr.*Filtered Word*KawKaw’s post

lolz SvenWarDog:o :o

DivineS 10-4-2010 06:44


SOOOOOO WEIRD ~~~~~ AOL lost few time kimu[and]starts to bark like no0bshit? say uof bug lar, hack lar, copy lar, wat lar, LOSE is LOSE cant juz admit?
Besides, we are losing kimu for such a long time b4, then all of us ned to die lar like tat.
AOL all like flowers growth in the Greenhouse ma, cant even stand on a little impact? Pathetic.

Rad 10-4-2010 18:04

Reply 15# Kaiyo’s post


EUPHONY 11-4-2010 17:50

what hapennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

RehzIIV 11-4-2010 19:29

AOL now good bless

haha see now uof monopoly the alter what happend to AOL? ;P ;P ;P

sealakel 11-4-2010 23:06

where aol gone ma?
so weird..
go hawaii de?

Kaiyo 12-4-2010 16:18

~*Filtered Word*~ ~UOF~

_Sven_ 12-4-2010 17:13

Reply 16# Mr.*Filtered Word*KawKaw's post

oooooooo? ......ya meh.... ?//lol u type so long....ahaha....so angry meh?......Mr TawW Kaw...eh wrong...its Mr . tahi babi...aakaakakak

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ayuni99 12-4-2010 23:33

lolz.....sven got short brain....
god give brain use brain..god give ear hear it...
:L :L :L :L :L

RehzIIV 22-5-2010 20:13


only wan lvling :lol  for uof :handshake for aol :victory:

AntiHackerz 22-5-2010 20:38

wakkwakwka fight other each good2 dog here.. pig there.. nice war

Kaiyo 23-5-2010 14:07

Reply 29# AntiHackerz's post

wei2 what the hell u talking about la, pig,dog,tiger,hippo,chimp. Then suddenly war~ :L
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