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[Discuss] Full Vit Human Fighter - Warrior - Mercenary - Gladiator
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Full Vit Human Fighter - Warrior - Mercenary - Gladiator

im full vit and play to play this type :

Human Fighter - Warrior - Mercenary - Gladiator

is it works ???

my skill will go for 2hand axe skill

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Reply 1# thomaswyhuey's post

Let see a pure vit Damage Dueler for fighter , I not gonna say it was a bad ideal at all , just your damage will lower that a pure str attacker and defense lower than a pure vit tanker . For me I thinks this kind of strategy is not suit you very well seriously .


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hahahaha i think this type not bad wad ,

can tank > dd

can do more dmg > tanker

it can tank , and keep aoe skill for lvl

will not waste many pot , and can solo lvl up fazter then pure vit guard , pure str atker


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Fighter - Warrior - Mercenary - Gladiator
In the following, I will ignore your stat allocation and weapon choice.  
I will only criticize on your class route.

Pros -
You can upgrade your offensive skills as early as possible
Your difficulty curve is more stable than hybrids during 2nd or 3rd job

Cons -
Your Gladiator has no offensive advantage over hybrid Gladiators
Your Gladiator has poorer defensive capabilities over hybrid Gladiators.  
For example, those with Blood Leak has additional regen capabilities than you.

A VIT mace Glad will deal more damage than your VIT axe, unless you crit
A VIT mace Glad has greater tanking capabilities than your VIT axe, because of mace protetion

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You'd almost be better with this kind of route!

Pure Str!

Fighter -> Guard -> Mercenary -> Knight!

This provides a good offensive/defensive mix, though is still weaker than the counterparts! (Pure DPS, Pure Tank) Though, make sure to plan ahead, as SP gets tight with hybrids.

As for Ren99's statement that a Pure Glad has no Advantage over a Hybrid Glad is really subjective. Pure gladiators will have more SP reserved to put into damage passives, which will give a slight damage bonus. Though, this will take away from other bonus' of mixing a guard or swordsman in. (Heavy Master/Spirit Sword). Pure's are a true berserker, whereas Hybrids will add some balance into the mix.

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well my word is play at your own pace..

hmm i know ur way of playing you prefer to survive longer while dealing minimun and decent dmg

going pure vit might lower your chances in deal more dmg but its a well balanced build. since, the only thing that will be ur downfall is u need to change to infantry man for ur 3rd since you really will need heavy armor expertise...

thats my opinion...


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I guess you are blind to the statement "Pros -".
I have listed some of the advantages of pure Glad.

What you stated is a delayed effect that hybrids will eventually obtain.
For example, when hybrid and pure Glad both have Lv 20 2H training,
your so-called bonus no longer exists.

Saving some SP pales in comparison to the amount of gold saved
in the long run from better survivability.
1 SP into Blood Leak grants an immediate bonus of +24 HP  regen,
which offsets the cost of using Burning Rage and gives back some.

Well, it's one's decision if they want to burn Gold and HP pots when they solo.

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err... since we are on the topic of hybrid fighter..can i ask, my pure Str, 1 hand sword fighter goes like this ~ Fighter > Guard > Swordman > Knight
Is it okay? And also, if playing 1 hand sword fighter, is better to change to guard than warrior since warrior's skill are mostly 2 handed weapon skill right?
Currently lvl17 only... hahaha


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If you're an elf, that's fine. This will also get you Sword Storm earlier, as well as continue Bloody Sky! Overall, this leveling route is much easier than going to Mercenary on a Human Fighter.

Going Warrior in this cause would get you Warrior Form Lv 2, a +7% Atk boost. Being Elf, you also won't have burning rage. To offset not being a Mercenary, you could hybrid 3:2 Str:Vit, or find a good Priest friend to party with.

-Easier time leveling
-Two AoE attacks as a Swordsman
-Moderate defense
-Less attack than it's Mercenary counterpart.
-No Attract Circle, making you not viable as an AOE party tank.


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I'm playing a human fighter... so I can get burning rage.


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hmm....a full vit DD ei.......but nowadays, ppl lvling in a PT chuz pt members by looking at their damages.....sometimes, if they found out dat ur damage is not high enough, they will expel u away...Yup, those guys in there are mean.....coz i faced tis problem......


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Reply 8# anonymous's post

Fighter > Guard > Swordman > Knight

You lose out on risk taker, which gives you a significant boost on damage.
Lv 1 - +23% ATK (glitched)


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I thought risk taker only works when your HP goes below 30%? (at least that's what I read) What if they fix the glitch... haha


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for 3 class... which better lor...
gladiator / phalax / knight...

im a mercenary... my route fighter > guard > mercenary
STR build...

can comment plzz..



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