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[New Info] 【KL @ Selangor】- Explore in Malaysia
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【KL @ Selangor】- Explore in Malaysia

Map Of Kuala Lumpur

Map Of Selangor

KL  Night Life

Sleepless in KL? Can't bear to see the sky turn gray? Just let the sun go down, let it go… because that's when the bright lights of this bustling city come darting through; that is when KL throbs to the pulsating rhythm of its night life…

The current heart of KL's night life lies mainly in Bangsar. This area has been dubbed as the Picadilly Circus of KL. Here, pubs, karaokes,[and]other night life[and]entertainment are abundant[and]packed even on weekdays. This is often the main topic of conversation for both students[and]the working class on weekends.

Besides Bangsar, another up[and]coming hot spot is Phileo Promenade. Here, one can not only wine[and]dine but also proceed to after dinner entertainment in jazz bars, listen to blues music, boogie the night away in hip-hop discos or have a quiet cup of coffee.

For those of you who are Hard Rock Café die-hards, do pay a visit to Hard Rock Café KL, which is located at the Ground Floor of Concorde Hotel on Jalan Sultan Ismail.
                                     Sunway Lagoon

Where once stood a mining pool, a magical kingdom of fun[and]games can now be found. Located at Bandar Sunway in Petaling Jaya, not far from Kuala Lumpur, Sunway Lagoon is the country's first international standard water theme park. The park consists of two parts, the Water Park[and]the Adventure Park.

At the Water Park, which has become a place for sun[and]splash, the ride on the Toboggan is the high point. It is a nerve wrecking 45 degree water sleigh ride at break-neck speed. The Double Twister is a spiraling water tunnel, which reputedly takes riders on a trip they will never forget. Another not to be missed frolic is the surf pool. Overlooking the Water Park is the Adventure Park, which offers a mixture of fairyland, wonderland,[and]a dream come true.

Among the more exciting rides is the Sky Flyer, which looks like two pendulum arms with passengers cabins located at each end. These arms swing back[and]forth, building momentum until they eventually swing the full 360 degrees. Occasionally, the arms stop at the 12 o'clock position, leaving squealing riders upside down! Then there is also the Runaway Train, the Flying Carpet,[and]many more.

Mines Wonderland

Snow in tropical Malaysia? Yes indeed! One can have a winter experience just 20 minutes away from KL at Mines Wonderland. This colorful[and]unique night park of wonders holds a whole new world of excitement[and]fun for the family. Set at the spectacular 150 acre lake, you can experience snow, sun,[and]beach at a single location.

A novelty that no visitor should miss is the water taxi ride around the resort. This charming vehicle will take you across the shimmering blue waters of the lake into canals that link the Seven Wonders of Malaysia. The Mines Resort City - Asia's most amazing destination is a majestic resort sprawling over 1,000 acres of lush greenery[and]serene lake. It integrates a resort, business, conference, reference,[and]entertainment facilities in one place. Your journey will be filled with different sights[and]sounds that will captivate you. You will sail by a grand hotel, swimming lagoon with a sandy beach[and]into the heart of a busy shopping mall.

Everyone's favorite is the one[and]only Musical Fountain in Malaysia, which is a combination of technology[and]art to create dancing[and]swaying water movements to the beat of music. Watch the Water Screen Laser Show, the park's latest attraction. The first of its kind in Southeast Asia, it employs highly sophisticated technology combining synchronized water, light, laser,[and]sound.

Safari Lagoon Water Theme Park

Here's to the best of both worlds! Now's the chance for you to shop your hearts out without needing to drag your kids along. Just keep them busy at the Pandan Safari Lagoon Shopping Complex. The theme park is located in Pandan Perdana.


Shoppin complex? Water Theme Park? Yes, using a two-in-one concept, the Safari Lagoon Water Theme Park is the first rooftop water theme park in Klang Valley. It covers[and]area of 0.9 hectares[and]is located on the seventh floor of the shopping complex. Interesting, huh?

It can fit 3,000 people at any one time. Splash your way to an afternoon of fun at your own leisure. Following its theme, the park is complemented by animal sculptures[and]lush greenery for that "safari look".

Wet World Water Park

The name says it all. This is the place for you to let your hair down[and]err … get it wet! Yes, Shah Alam's latest attraction is the place for your family[and]you. It comes with a huge variety of exhilarating water games for all age groups. No wonder the Water Park managed to gain such immense popularity in a short time. For those of you who are interested in adding a unique touch to your corporate family day or special functions, the Wet World Water Park is available on request.

Kajang  Water Theme Park

It's two-hectare in size, located in Kajang[and]is the first of its kind in the Hulu Langat district. It also guarantees visitors a day filled with adventure[and]excitement. Welcome to the Kajang Water Theme Park.

Bring your family for a fun time at the Kajang Theme Park with its wide range of facilities that's bound to keep everyone happy. The theme park is designed to international standards with facilities such as water-based games, a fun pool, slide, rope walking[and]an integrated playground. Here's to a relaxing time!

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