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Race / Class Choosing Guide

This guide covers up to Class 4 only, because Class 5 is at lv105 which takes a lot of time to achieve. By that time, the player would have enough experience with the game to make the choice by themselves

There are 2 races in Luna Online, Human and Elf. Beside from their minor (negligible) stat difference, the reason why you would choose a race should be for their race-specific skill and class.

Reason to choose Human
- Mecenary / Gladiator class for Fighter (Very High Attack)
- Monk / Inquirer class for Mage (Able to equip Light Armor)
- Theif / Assasin class for Rogue (Stealth)
- Burning Rage buff (Increase Attack by %)

Reason to choose Elf
- Rune Knight class for Fighter (Self-Heal / Sleep / Very good Stun)
- Elemental Master for Mage (Unique Buff)
- Scout / Rune Walker for Rouge (Silence / Buff)
- Nature Shield buff (Increase Def by %)
- Elves are cute

There are many classes in Luna Online. First timers are recommended to follow direct path of class change. (i.e. the stereotype)

Human Fighter - Warrior - Mercenary - Gladiator (Full STR build)
Elf Fighter - Guard - Infantryman - Phalanx (Full VIT build)
Human/Elf Mage - Wizard - Sorcerer - Warlock (Full INT build)
Human/Elf Mage - Cleric - Priest - Bishop (Full WIS build)
Human Rogue - Ruffian - Theif - Assasin (Full DEX build)
Elf Rogue - Voyager - Archer - Ranger (Full DEX build Full STR build)

The disadvantage of going through the direct path is that the character would be too specialized and limited. For experience players, it is recommended to go hybrid.

For example
Human Fighter - Guard - Mercenary - Knight
Elf Fighter - Warrior - Infantryman - Rune Knight
Human Mage - Wizard - Monk - Bishop
Elf Mage - Wizard - Priest - Warlock
Human Rouge - Voyager - Theif - Ranger
Elf Rogue - Ruffian - Scout - Treasure Hunter

The possibility is endless.

Hybrid can use the skills in their current class plus the ones from their previous class without any drawback.

For example
Mage - Cleric - Sorcerer
would be able to use lv15 FireBall and lv5 FastHeal
Mage - Wizard - Sorcerer
would be able to use only lv15 FireBall

Here's a break down to each class to help you create your own class path.


Class 1

Reason to choose Fighter
- Melee combat
- Able to equip Heavy Armor
- Good HP / Def

Class 2

Reason to choose Warrior
- 2-Hand attack skill
- STR and Attack Buff
- As an elf, this is the only chance to get WarriorForm buff (+Attack)

Reason to choose Guard
- Def Buff
- Heavy Armor Expertise passive
- Shield stun

Class 3

Reason to choose Mercenary
- STR and Attack Buff
- 2-Hand AOE skills

Reason to choose Infantryman
- Attract Circle (The god of mob training skill, break the limit of 6 monster per mob train)
- Def Buff
- Heavy Armor Expertise passive
- Attack skills that utilize INT

Reason to choose Swordman
- Long range attack skill
- Able to self-heal
- As a human, this is the only chance to get SpiritSword spell (Sleep)

Class 4

Reason to choose Gladiator
- More STR and Attack
- Insane damage output
- Great AOE

Reason to choose Phalanx
- More Def if you're feeling you're not having enough
- Mob train, taking 1 from everything (except from Magic monster)
- Can switch to INT build for attack spells while still have good def

Reason to choose Knight
- Balance between Attack and Defence
- Good AOE skills
- Have DivineJustice heal spell which is the only one that is not nerfed in guild war

Reason to choose Rune Knight
- Aura skills, which are buffs that affect people around you
- Rune Impact, a long range Stun skill that has very high accuracy
- Sleep and Self-Heal (Good for PVP)


Class 1

Reason to choose Mage
- Spell caster
- Able to Heal
- Nuking from distance
- Good MP / Mdef

Class 2

Reason to choose Wizard
- Good magic damage
- Blood Stream skill which converts HP to MP (then you heal yourself afterwards)
- Chill Breeze spell that freeze (Very good in PVP)
- Poison spell that always slow the target

Reason to choose Cleric
- Buff
- Buff
- Buff
- Fast Heal and Group Heal
- Enhance HP passive that Wizard doesn't have

Class 3

Reason to choose Sorcerer
- AOE spells (Blizzard and FireBlast)
- Stun Spell
- Higher level Blood Stream
- INT / Magic buff

Reason to choose Priest
- Buff
- Great Heal (Heals a LOT of HP)
- Can go INT build with DivineSword (aka lv11+ Holy Strike)
- Sleep spell, Angelic Bless (aka lv11+ Angelic Touch)
- Beholder buff can see through Stealth

Reason to choose Monk
- Light Armor Expertise passive (a whole lot more Def than wearing Robes)
- Very strong and fast cast Single target spell
- Magic Critical Buff

Class 4

Reason to choose Warlock
- More AOE spells (Meteor and Poison Cloud)
- Can easily stun/freeze lock with high success rate of stun/freeze spell
- Higher level Blood Stream
- INT / Magic buff

Reason to choose Bishop
- Buff, especially Shrewd Spell lv3 for -40% cast time
- Great Heal lv16 which cast as fast as Fast Heal
- DivineSword becomes very strong (stronger than all of Warlock spell)
- INT build can solo pretty well

Reason to choose Inquirer
- Higher level Light Armor Expertise
- Holy Justice spell, the strongest single target spell in 4th class
- Lots of Debuff
- More Magic Attack Buff
- More Magic Critical Buff

Reason to choose Elemental Master
- Buff
- Buff
- Buff
- Unique Buff


Class 1

Reason to choose Rogue
- Fast attack
- Good evasion
- Good Critical
- Run fast (Move speed buff)

Class 2

Reason to choose Voyager
- Attack from very long distance
- High Critical Damage

Rason to choose Ruffian
- Fast paced Melee action
- Great Poison skill
- AOE skill
- Good Evasion

Class 3

Reason to choose Archer
- Attack from distance
- Main skill spammable
- Critical Damage

Reason to choose Theif
- Stealth skill
- Higher evasion
- Critical Rate

Reason to choose Scout
- Critical Buff
- Can use either Dagger or bow
- Self Heal

Class 4

Reason to choose Ranger
- Very High damage from very long distance

Reason to choose Assasin
- High level Stealth skill
- High Critical Damage / Rate
- High damage single target skill

Reason to choose Treasure Hunter
- Great AOE skill (excellent for leveling)
- Great Poison skill
- Has +Drop Rate buff

Reason to choose Rune Walker
- Silence
- Silence
- Silence
- Party Buff
- Self Heal

I hope this helps.
If you find any mistakes in the guide, feel free to point them out.

Additional Information
Class 1 = lv1
Class 2 = lv20
Class 3 = lv40
Class 4 = lv75
Class 5 = lv105
Class 6 = lv???

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why can't rogue be full str?


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play rogue sure is wan crit de ma..
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full dex rouge will be geng if high level...they didn't like 2 char...Human-Tanker and full dex rouge...

human-tanker sure attack weak at lower lvl...when reach higher lvl...skill improve and yeah...scare the hell out of u...

full dex rouge low crictical and low damage lower lvl...when higher lvl always miss miss miss miss when get attacked and high critical lorh....

later...not now...i playng in MY back...


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can i know each class will jump how many levle?

example 30 level jump 1 class?

please answer me if u know..

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lvl 20 up 1st class

lvl 40 up 2nd class

lvl 75 up 3rd class

the other two class is not implented yet...


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Original posted by design at 2008-12-23 15:21
why can't rogue be full str?
Bow rogue can be full STR
Actually STR bow is better than DEX bow.
I think I'll make change to my guide about that.



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