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[Guide] Melency's Guide to AoE Ruffian. V1.0
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Melency's Guide to AoE Ruffian. V1.0

Hello all Luna Online players, my character is Melency, and I am proud to be a AoE Ruffian. Today, you(!) can be different and choose to AoE route too!

-Bored of playing a typical Pure Dex/Str ruffian?
-Love to tank loads of mobs while seeing 1damage coming from them?
-Love the excitement of killing 6mobs at once?
-Love me?(Random)

If so, the AoE Ruffian is for you!

Pros: Damage is so-so
         Good tanker
         Able to AoE
         Not as pot consuming
         Farm well

Cons: Damage is so-so
          Not very good at Pk/PvP
          Monster running might irritate the hell out of you
          1 AoE as a Ruffian

That is all the Pros/Cons I can think/know of now. I will update as my character's level rise.

Interested? Still not sure if its workable? Well let us discuss further.

Either Pure Vit or, the one that I would choose would be, 1:1 on Str and Vit.

Pure Vit enables you to fully tank, but I didn't try that out to know if it is worth all the points.

A hybrid of Str/Vit enables you to be able to tank and yet still be able to do decent damage.

Insane build: Pure str

I will not comment about Pure Str, however, it MIGHT be workable if you are able to afford crazy insane +vit equips. However seeing that how the game just released, I doubt we will be seeing that soon. Therefore I will NOT totally say is not workable. But just not tested.

Final notes on stats:
Stats wise, its personable preference, I will not tell you exactly which one to choose as this guide is just a skeleton for you to build your character, but the Pure Vit or Str/Vit hybrid will work for any newbies starting out. However, please note that my character itsself is a Str/Vit hybrid and the Pure Vit part is purely base on what I have heard and read on warrior's part.

Race wise I myself picked a Elf, mostly because of the Def Buff, and that is also when my character is a Str/Vit hybrid.

Humans are workable but I prefer elf because of its buff and therefore give more tanking abilities. However if you go the Pure Vit route, you could choose a Human for its damage buff. But personally I have not tried that so don't quote me on it.

Skills! The part which make or break your character. Here are some of my way of using your skill points.

Level 1-20 (Life of a Rouge)

Light Armor Expertise (MAX/5)  - Increases your def of your armor by a %, your main tanking skill. And the good thing of it is, its passive. A MUST learn. Without it, your AoE Ruffian will be a squishy one.

Dagger Mastery (MAX/5) - Increases the overall damage when your using a dagger. This skill will be maxed during your life as a Rouge to make it easier. Your overall normal attack will be slightly increased and it will ease your leveling. No brainer there.

Zephyr (MAX/1) - A 10 dex boost buff, last 15minutes. This buff boost your dex by 10 at level 1, the 10 dex means more evasion, critical, hit rate. Although its just mere 10points. But its definitely worth it for just a few skill points. There for I will say MAX!

Nature Shield(MAX/1) - This is a active buff which gives you 2% increase in def at level 1, however it drains your mana by 5 every few second. So-so at low level but just learn it as you will be loving it at higher levels. However learn your passive def buff before this.

Thats all! Shocked? Yes you heard me, your life as a Rogue will be just this 3 skills. 2 passive and 2 buff. Pretty easy huh. What do you do with the rest of the skill points? Save. You will need them when you change job and those will be helpful, furthermore, all the other skills are not really needed as a AoE Ruffian.

Notes on skills:

Eagle Eyes are debatable as it increases your accuracy, however, so far, my character has no troubles hitting without it. There for I will put this on hold.

Blindhit is the one which increases your critical by 45, this is also another debatable skill, you can add it if you really want but only level it as a Rogue! This somewhat ease your leveling but other then that, its so-so as your character is not a critical freak like a Pure Dex.

Light armor Evasion is yet another one that some might ask, "Why isn't there any points into it?" My answer is simple. Your character does not have points into Dex, meaning it is not meant to dodge and evade, its meant to be attacked with 1 damage onto him.
Therefore I have concluded that Light armor evasion is merely a luxury skill to have and besides, evading is a CHANCE to proc. Tanking with high def is always there. Therefore BE A MAN AND TAKE THE DAMAGE UP YOUR ***!

Bow skills are not added because your a Ruffian. If you ask me why I didn't add them, I will take a freaking slime and stuff it into that head which lacks a brain.

Other skills like the critical damage increase are not added because as I have said, your character isn't a critical freak, your going to AoE, no point adding them if they have low chance of proccing. Your single target active skills are not needed either as you will not use them much when you AoE as a Ruffian, therefore not needed.
Do NOT level your boost dagger, it waste your point and makes you want to smack yourself in the face. DO NOT level it. You have been warn!

Level 20-40 (Be a man, take the damage up your *** Ruffian!)
Once you change job, the first skill that you should be adding would be,

Wind Breaking (MAX) - Its your first AoE skill and you will soon learn to love it. It has not a bad range and not bad damage and not bad chance to cause BLEEDING. Awesome AoE. However do note, this skill have a level limitation before you can level it again. Meaning, once you learn it, you got to be level 24 before you can level it again, then level 27, then level 31 etc.

Light Armor Expertise (MAX/10) - This passive skill further increases your def! As your level and armor progress better, you will really love this skill as it is base on %, the higher your def, the more it adds.

Nature shield (MAX/2) - Now at level 2, it adds 5% def increase. This is also base on % which is why it is not a shabby skill. It drains 8MP per second but still, its not a bad skill to learn and you will love it at higher levels too!

Zephyr (MAX/2) - At level 2 this buff adds 20 Dex and whats best is that it is a cheap skill to learn! 20 Dex is awesome as I have mention, it increases evasion, critical and hit rate. Therefore learn it.

Quick Move(MAX/1) - It increases your movement speed. Not bad. Why not?

For now thats all my character have learn and I have decided to stop adding any more skills until I have decided that its not a bad skill to learn. For now, save your skill points as in the future the higher the skill level, the more skill points it consumes to level it, therefore its best not to have that many skills at once.

Notes on skills:
I did not add Dagger Mastery as I find that it is way too expensive to MAX any more as a Ruffian for a mere damage boost. Your skill points can be saved for better ones.

I also did not learn any active single target skills, but those will be put on hold as some of the bleeding/poison skills might be useful for bossing.

The other skills related to criticals are also not added as your character is not a critical freak. Enough said.

Bows skills are.. Okay I shall not bother even explaining.

So far my AoE Ruffian is progressing smoothly and I am loving every minute with it, it might not be the best or *Strongest* way of building a rogue, but it is definitely fun and unique when you see people going "WTF?" at your high and uber def and when you can tank as well as other warrior tankers.

I will updated this guide as I progress further. Do give me your CONSTRUCTIVE advice and critism. It will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Melency- AoE Ruffian.

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nice guide. might work for pvp too (outlast your opponent while you do all your bleeding skills)


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Yeah thats what I thought too. But people can bleed you too. But the good thing is that you will most likely have more HP then them.


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So many views and no question/advise?


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How about the skill needed for Ruffian that add Full DEX

Cabal LvL :72(quit)
Luna Lvl : 64(quit)
MSO LVL :16(quit)
ECO lvl :Waiting~~~


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Reply 5# LightningClaw's post

What you mean by that?

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Uh. LightningClaw. This is AoE Ruffian. I don't do pure dex ruffian.


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that means no crit and the normal dmg will be low rite?
then do we nid to spam mana pots coz we will be spamming wind breaking and avoid normal hitting?
another question,is wind breaking the only aoe skill we gonna use until end game?


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my friend say at job change Lv40.. elf thief will get HP recover(passive) skill.... isit true?

Original posted by elfie at 2008-12-30 15:49
then do we nid to spam mana pots coz we will be spamming wind breaking and avoid normal hitting?
i am full vit ruffian and i neva run out of mana....i lure 4~6 orcs and use 1~2 wind breaking.  i stock upto 200 mana pot but i rarely use it. same to hp pot also.


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i see..does that mean wind breaking skill has a short cooldown time? cos if not we will wait a while b4 using the skill again


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wind breaking have 6+/-sec cooldown...
at lv4 wind breaking, a full life orc will die in 1 skill with bleeding effect.
2nd wind breaking needed when there is no bleeding effect from previous attack.
vit tanker need poison / bleeding effect to deal more damage.
normal attack and skill damage can be reduce by defence. but there is no way u can reduce poison/bleeding damage.


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Thanks for your post, this is your reward, 23 Gold!

erm.. wat if reaching higher lvl? when the mobs has longer hp which cant b killed by bleeding dmg, wat can a full vit ruffian do?


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that i dont know yet what to do..
but my friend say at 4th job u will get more poison and aoe skill as a TresureHunter.


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Correction: Zephyr isnt a buff skill for you.  It can only be used on others.


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err hehe correction u can buff urself with zephyr too..
yup i heard that u nid be treasurehunter to have a stronger aoe
but then will it be enough for end game? i dont wanna go halfway



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