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Refer to only got 3 of 6th job only.
Skill list havent release, so every thg about 6th job may incorrect.
I take this 3 of 6th job as
death knight is human expert (atker path)
lordon is both race (tanker path)
arch templar is elf expert (elf path)


all passive & active i stat below are the pros of the path, the skill only can get for that path or highest lvl can get from that path.

path : tanker
passive/buff : heavy amor/ shield/hp/def
active : magic aoe (int base), heal, shield atk skill expert, Invulnerable (god mode)

path : atker/ 2h weapon expert
passive/buff : atk, str, light amor, evasion (glad & abv)
active : 2h weapon skill expert

path : elf/ sword expert
passive/buff : mp regen, max mp, whole party buff (rk & abv)
active : aoe , sleep , range skill, range stun (rk & abv)

none > none > KNIGHT > PANZER > unknown
path : mix of elf , tanker (speed/ gun expert)
pasive/ buff : knight atk, movement  speed, gun expert (panzer)
active : aoe, gun expert (panzer), shield expert (knight)

none > none > none > crusader > unknown
path : mix of elf , tanker & knight panzer
passive/ buff : atk(knight panzer)
active : range skill (elf), shield skill (tanker)

none > none > none > swordmaster > unknown
path : 2x 1h weapon expert
passive/ buff : 2x 1h weapon expert
active : 1h weapon expert, range skill
After explaining pure path, now what is hybrid path and why ?
LUNA job change design is very fun & special,
let say a atker pure build choose to be lordon (tanker path) during 6th job,
the atker can have all def skill from 1-6th job of tanker path.
compare to pure tanker path, that person will having same def/skill as tanker path with extra 5 job of atker path.

After all, how i gona choose my best job that suit me?

aim for a build u wana build out in the end (5th/6th job)

what path?
gun expert, 2h expert, 2x 1h sword expert, shield expert, highest def, highest atk & etc.

stat & amor?
str heavy, dex light eva,  int heavy , vit heavy tanker & etc

atk buf, special skill (sleep/range skill) & etc

Now u get what job u gona change at 5th/6th job ad?
gun expert = panzer,  2h/atker = death knight, 2x 1h =  swordmaster & etc.
heavy amor = tanker path , light amor = atker path
atk buff for elf race = warrior , special skill (sleep/range skill) for human = swordman

start build the posible build & think the pros & cons

Let say i wana build a highest atk 2h war (death knight & human race),
i wan extra special skill (swordman)

i will start build this few 1 & compare
(those atk & def rank is compare from below only which suit to my build)

1. war > sword > palanx > panzer/crusader > death knight (atk = no.1, def = no.2)
2. war > sword > knight > paladin > death knight (atk = no.2, def = no.1)
3. war > sword > palanx > destroyer > death knight (atk = no.3, def = no.2)
4. guard > sword > knight > destroyer > death knight (atk = no.2, def = no.3)
5. any > sword > knight > destroyer > death knight (atk = no.2, def = last/no def)
6. any > sword > glad > panzer/crusader > death knight (atk = no.1, def = no.3)
7. any > sword > glad > paladin > death knight ( atk no.3 , def = no.1)

P/s : panzer / crusader got extra atk buff, so panzer/crusader change to death knight = highest atk. def see tanker path higher job got higher def for sure.

now start choosing ur path, of coz every 1 will choose highest atk with highest def

but problem coming, are you able to survive during, 3rd/4th/5th job?

Let say ur choise is highest atk, got path 1 & 6.
for path no.1 , during palanx & panzer/crusader can u survive? during 3-5th job u will having lower atk compare to other job like atk hybrid glad/merc, (mean atker path he got change into merc/glad) def will lose to paladin during 5th job & etc... will u end up with cant tank cant atk?

then u need to think urself, alot solution can be done.
reset stat/reset skill? be fake tanker? be fake dder? eq upgrade with vit/str stat?
bleeding skill eq like wasting 30 years, guardian 7 set? are you that rich?
or u can choose another path no.6, still highest atk with no.3 def. could i play eva & light amor ? play dex stat & eva eq solo all the way like thief?

at last choose urself xD

Elf is highly recommended change into warrior to get human atk buff experted skill.
Human is hightly recommended change into swordman to get elf special buff & skill.
Stat / skill up wrong can be reset, but if ur character choosing wrong job path, u need to start over.
Howeva, reset scroll cant used when lvl 100 & abv.
Evasion eq is very expensive & rare, high lvl map requirer higher eva, which need very very godly eva eq.
After howling cave 2f do not have 2xhp mob (dungune mob) until 9x, pet will release next version & they can tank/atk/support buff/heal.
This make the population of pure tanker/DDer/healer drop, hard lvling from 8x-9x.
9x map alot insane mob which can freeze/stun tanker need def 2.6k+, eva 283+
this map need back a complete party to lvling back bcoz, only pure tanker can tank, 283 eva is very hard to reach for other job even dex thief. (cost billion/cash)
but pure tanker become almost "pupus" for 9x.

Good luck every warrior. XD this game is called as mage/thief online.
Warrior is suck job if u din plan properly.

Reference :
職業戰士系 - 月神之星 露娜 Luna Online遊戲資訊站
LUNA Online 哈啦板 - 巴哈姆特電玩資訊站

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Ohoho I come support this guide Because you gave me the taiwan forum link I have found my favorite build thanks a lot .

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ouch...cant read pinyin >w<
guess had to rely on my firefox to translate it~

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Okay!  If I were to pick a human hybrid fighter does this make sense to you or does it even work?

Adding 3Str/2Vit for a balance of atk and def.


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Charlee !!! I have some very tough questions for you :

1) Can the pet attract circle replace our tanker attract circle ?
2) Can an elf sword master learn berserk ? Wasn't it for human only ?
3) Is that true in dual weapon mode still can use blunt shield ?
4) Evasion is useless when train in bug field?
5) How much can a pet heal after it reach lv 100 ?
6) Is that true pet can help us to cast double or triple times skill ?
7) Spirit sword is useless later due to fighter and mage god mode rite ?
8) Human sword master pawn all job except tanker and healer
     Elf sword master/magnus pawn all job except human sword master and evasion rogue
Is that true ?
9) After lv 105 evasion and defense is slowy become useless for fighter ?
10) I heard that we will get extra bonus status depends on our path do you know how it work ?

Sorry for the noob questions

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DK want ask ???
why dictionary ask people?
please answer my very noob question ....

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He do this because he want to complete his dictionary


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please answer with good reason because many fans of DKkiat22 don't believe DK ask people

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Erm because I am a human ? My life full of questions o.0
But I think something don't know better than know .


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Congratulations, you receive a random award of 15Gold!

are you human DK ?
if you human prove it with your photo

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OKOK I tell the truth actually I'm an anime character that playing a reality world MMO call (luna online) . Last time I traveled many anime worlds and pvp with their main character like goku , naruto , ichigo , and etc . it was fun .

My picture is on my avatar I'm cute rite ?


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cute in avatar
but .. in real how?
come on pass your photo
we want sure u are human or program computer ?

If not submit i will freeze with hyorinmaru

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rofl...offically off topic

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Then I use my bankai lol , I already said my picture is the anime character on my avatar



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