[Guide] Simple Guide For Ranger...
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Simple Guide For Ranger...

Before playing Ranger you must put this in your mind. Ranger is not a "Fighter". Ranger just a Backpacker that have a better fighting ability from the other Backpacker. So don't accept too much for doing great damage. But playing Ranger will give you a good advantage for gathering items and money. I think, Ranger is a good Job to play. You can enjoy either hunting and gathering items   

First you need to decide good race for Ranger. I think Emil is "good" for Ranger because their give good amount for vit, so the guide i make is for Emil - Ranger. For the weapon Ranger is good using Dagger because they have a "Dagger Mastery (Req Job lv.7)" and "Increase Dagger Accuracy

For the stat...
Stat for Ranger is Str, Vit, Dex.
- Str is for your damage.
- Vit is very important for your def and give you more HP.
- Dex for your accuracy (i dont know if this will help for Merciless Blow).

I will give only helpful and very useful skills for Ranger.

1. Increase Hp Regeneration (Req Job Lv.5) - Increase Hp Regeneration (no need to sit)
2. Insect Knowledge (Req Job Lv.6) - Increase item drop rate from insect type monsters.
3. Dagger Mastery (Req Job Lv.7) - Increase damage when using dagger.
4. Merciless Blow (Req Job Lv.10 - Attack enemy with powerful blow (will give you up to 200%+ damage when reach Lv.5).
5. Bird Knowledge (Req Job Lv.12) - Increase item drop rate from bird type monsters.
6. Animal Knowledge (Req Job Lv.18) - Increase item drop rate from animal type monsters also increase item quality when using Leather Repair Kit.
7. Increase Dagger Accuracy (Req Job Lv.21) - Increase accuracy when using dagger.
8. Leather Repair Kit Craft (Req Job Lv.35) - Craft Leather Repair Kit.

The main reason of why only get this skills because you are wasting your skill point for the skills that only use for some condition like Bivouac, Traps, Item Identification, Unlock and Bonfire. And of course you don't need Mace Mastery because you are using dagger.

Basically i believe all you will have your own instinct and knowledge about where and what monster for leveling. So here i will only share about the place that i think good for leveling. For me North and East is a good place for leveling and gathering money.
Because Ranger an easy job for leveling, i think leveling is not a problem for Ranger.

Weapon and Armors...
Ranger using Daggers for their weapon. For armors, Ranger using Leather Armor or Shirts. Ranger can use shields (Sword Stopper) for their def.

Vates or Catty can be very helpful for Rangers, bacause Rangers don't have great amount of HP and very good def   Very good if you have both for hunting

I hope this will help you if you want to play Ranger...


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i played ranger at closed beta.. i only add these two stats = strength and dex..and it works for me. You must have item refining skill! with the skill u can have smoke meat that can heal 100+ hp..and u will get a lot of meat due to your Animal knowledge skill. no need to buy potion For merciless blow skill, i think it needs you to equip rope...Anyone can confirm?


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Vit will give you more HP and def, so you dont need potion or smoke meat for hunting. Merciless Blow is for melee weapon. I can see that you don't play Ranger alot


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do ranger get hard to lvling once it reach lvl 30++ ? thx in adv,,


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Of course not...Ranger is quite easy job to play...Lv.30 with Catty you can solo at N.Plateau / Eternal Baundry or Breadbasket...


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well, yaksa armor didnt exist anymore. So, the build (str and dex) is quite imbalance.

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have guide to change to 2nd job???????


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I believe someone already post the link for this guide...

You must bring Ice Flower Light to the job changer. They are 2 ways to get the flower.
First get the Ice Flower :
1. If you have Strange Crystal you can brought it to the Northern Chief (Eternal Baundry)
2. Talk to Walking Icy, bring him/her Happy Flower
Go to light church for the Ice Flower Light, and  back to job changer


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thank alot.....:


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  yeah finally i saw a post about ranger.....

but i felt Agi is more better than vit... and i prefer to use mace in the beginning....

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When you became Explorer, there will about 2x Ranger HP So when you have more HP from Vit, playing Explorer will be much much easier..
For example Ranger 421 HP
When you became Explorer will be 942 HP
So if you have at least 32 Vit, you will have 942 Hp and 20 base Def when you are Explorer....
I think it's quite good for a Backpacker instead of Agi which is not effect when you became Explorer. This is only my opinion, since money is not a problem for Ranger, i've found great way hunting using Blow, so Agi is not for backpacker especially Ranger, Agi for Fighter only....

The reason why i play with STR DEX and VIT
STR - Because Dagger didn't give much damage.
DEX - Because i am using blow for hunting, so DEX will help not to miss alot. DEX also give you higher for MIN DAMAGE. So you can do good average damage (if you know what i mean).
VIT - For DEF and HP, because Ranger only using Leather armor, that didn't give much def and i'm not wasting my skill point for Increasing MAX HP that only give 5 HP per level and no DEF.

My summary about Ranger / Explorer:
1. Very good for making money.
2. Very good for collecting items from enemy and boxes.
3. Able to do Fast Hunt (even solo ).
4. Catty still very very useful.


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Well, you should try to search the skill for ranger after change class... (explorer/ treasure hunter)... then you will know how important Agi for ranger compare with Vit.

Explorer is the best job in collecting, That's why i felt ranger will be useless without speed so i play ranger with Agi>Str>Dex.

increasing MAX HP is very very important for who play with Vit. The skill increase the max hp with percentage (with min 5hp/level).

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well it depend on how you plays your Ranger. for me i rather play as a neutral player, less pvp but more collecting item and sell them.. that's why i prefer str and dex. str can add your max weight, dex will make sure you hit repeatly without miss miss..although ur dagger not so powerful but it sure hit and moobs also will miss hit you because of your high dex.. so on OB i will make a Pure strength and Dex Ranger again. with the treasure knowledge, you will have greater chance to get rare item and equipment when u hit box or treasure. There was one time when i hit a wooden box 7 and the drop was not a box but a rare mace of lvl 45 although my lvl was 26 at that time..but sad i cannot use it .. so for people that wanted to be Indiana Jones or Nicholas Cage in The National Treasure movie, Ranger is your best choice


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Well, when you have decided to take up the 2-2 job (TreasureHunter), you will get some nice skills.

J8 skill - allows you to break open container boxes to obtain the goodies.
J10 skill - whip mastery! You will have to decide if you prefer dagger or whip. Ahh, finally Indiana Jones style.
J14 skill - avoid mastery. Allows you to avoid up to 35% of the attacks.
J20 skill - Treasure chest guide. Just like the guides in town, this skill will point you in the direction of treasure chests. Good for chest hunting.
J23 skill - allows you to strike 6 times with your whip at 90% attack power each for only 30SP.
J30 skill - allows you higher chances of obtaining treasure boxes, less of wood chips.
J40 skill - alertness. Allows you to increase your min def (very important) by 20 for 120 seconds.
J50 skill - allows you to strike 8 times with your whip at 155% attack power with chances of stunning the monster. Attack speed of the strikes seems to be affected bu AGI.



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